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Trial and Error Part Dos

Last weekend (actually the last weekend in June) we took El Cóndor for its second camping trip. We were slightly more successful than our first trip out, but still managed to again forget important items we needed.   Like towels and sheets.

Rob has been super busy with work and had to work all weekend. Lucky for us that his work is in the wilderness and there’s a campground ten minutes away.   The kids and I played at the creek, in the meadow and in the forest.  It was kinda’ awesome.  It was also nice to spend some time getting to know the van. We’re figuring out how things work and where everything is going to go.  It’s odd.  It feels likes it’s taking a long time to get our new home figured out.  Yet we’ve only been on two trips.  It also feels a little like we’re rushed.  It’s definitely starting to sink in that in nine weeks the van will get on a ship headed to Chile.

We’re heading out on our first, and only, long road trip with the Condor in a couple days.  The next two weeks are the only practice trip we have.  Not going to lie, I’m freaking out a little bit.  Rob is madly trying to get almost all the vehicle mods done, we’re still missing the water filter and a few other things.  I’ve got to spend some time putting in our cupboard organizing system into the van.  We made some pretty sweet clothing bins for the kids.  And of course, we have to actually pack the van and really really really not forget anything.








*Note:  this post didn’t get posted before we left on Operation Shakedown.  We are currently in BC figuring this #vanlife thing out.

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