One of the many questions we get about this trip is “Where are you going?”  And our immediate response is “Patagonia.”  This trip is a result of us wanting longing to see this part of the world.

We started looking at possible routes as soon as it was decided we were overlanding the PanAmerican highway.  Originally we came up with a plan to drive away from our home in Alberta, Canada and make our way south to Ushuaia (the southernmost city in the world).  We drew routes through the United States and by the time we started planning our way though Baja we had a realization; this trip would start to get psychologically hard on us and the kids as we got further away from home each day.  We had already toyed with the idea of shipping our vehicle back to Canada from wherever we ended up.  So, instead of shipping home, why not ship there and drive home?

So that’s the plan.  At the end of August, Rob will drive our vehicle, a 2012 GMC Savanna 3500, to Vancouver and put it in a shipping container destined for Chile.  We’ll fly down to meet “The Condor” at the end of September/beginning of October and start driving south.  We’ll bounce off the bottom of Argentina and drive our way through South America, Central America, Mexico and the United States.

Our Route

October 2017:  Santiago → Easter Island → Torres del Paine

November:  Ushuaia → Buenos Aires → Uruguay

December:  Mendoza → Atacama Desert → Uyuni

January 2018:  La Paz → Cusco → Lima → Mancora

February:  Quito → Cartagena →  San Blaas Islands

March:  Panama → Costa Rica → Nicaragua

April:  Honduras → El Salvador → Guatemala

May:  Belize → Mexico (Yucatan)

June:  Mexico (Baja) → United States

July:  United States → Canada (Home)

This is our tentative plan.  We know there’s so much to see and really, who knows where we’ll end up and what roads we’ll end up travelling on.  As we travel, meet people, learn more about the places we’re driving through, and so on, we’ll modify and build more of our route.  Keep checking back to find out where our travels will take us.



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